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This rainbow, designed by local artist Maureen Pesta, decorated the Royal-off-the-Square Theatre  in the '70s and '80s.




The DIRECTOR is the creative and artistic hub of the production. He/she is chiefly concerned with staging but must work harmoniously with all members of the production staff. He/she may find it helpful to enlist the aid of a casting committee. It is also suggested that a director who is new to our theatre work with a board representative as a mentor. This is to keep in mind the policies, practices and limitations of the organization.

The responsibilities of the PRODUCER can lighten the load on a director, however it is the DIRECTOR who assumes ultimate responsibility for everything that happens on-stage and has authority to make all decisions concerning casting and production of the play. Decisions need to be shared with the show producer.

Some suggested duties for the DIRECTOR:

1. Set audition dates and times and see that they are timely publicized.
2. Develop a rehearsal schedule and production calendar including technical deadlines.
3. Ready a prop list for prop chairman.
4. With help of a producer, ready theatre for auditions with scripts, audition forms, pencils, proposed rehearsal schedule, music/musicians as needed.
5. Conduct auditions. Any private auditions conducted prior to public try-outs should be announced as well as:
A. Proposed rehearsal schedule
B. Theme of play and parts available
C. Use of casting/audition sheets
D. Theatre/bldg orientation and house rules
E. Rehearsal attendance requirements

6. Cast the play, with or without the help of producer or casting committee. Casting should be completed within a reasonable length of time, preferably the day after the public auditions. EVERYONE WHO HAS AUDITIONED SHOULD BE CONTACTED BY THAT TIME, preferably in person or by telephone. Those who have indicated an interest in tech work on the audition forms, should be given the opportunity to work on that committee. Any other participation on the production should be encouraged at the time they are contacted.

7. Notify web-master of pertinent information to be posted on lineŚcast list, schedules, etc.

8. Directors are encouraged to BEGIN and FINISH rehearsals at specified times.
Along with the producer, the cast and board members should be kept informed of any changes in schedule, cast, etc.

9. Director is expected to attend all performances of the play, supporting cast & crew.