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This rainbow, designed by local artist Maureen Pesta, decorated the Royal-off-the-Square Theatre  in the '70s and '80s.




We are always in need of people to help make our performances happen! Take a look at what some of the people in the community are doing to make sure the play happens.
  OK, These ladies aren't members of the community, exactly.  Keep scrolling down.

It takes the effort of many individuals to make a community theatre work.  Yes it takes actors, but we also need people who are interested in helping in other capacities.  We can use help building sets (carpentry and painting), lighting, working backstage during performances (moving props and cueing the actors), costuming, makeup, ushering and even popping popcorn.  Prior experience is not necessary.  Many of your neighbors are already part of the theatre.  Come on in and join us.  During rehearsal periods, we are usually at the theatre on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings.

If you are interested in directing a play, click HERE

We accept donations of shoes, vintage clothing, men's suits, and other items in good condition. Call the theatre and leave a message.

Scroll down to see some of the ways you can help with our theatre!






What does "Community Theatre" mean?