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This rainbow, designed by local artist Maureen Pesta, decorated the Royal-off-the-Square Theatre  in the '70s and '80s.




You Be the Judge!

 Ok, these are not exactly oscars, but...

We are looking for interested people to help in judging the shows for the Jackie Awards which are presented at the culmination of each season.  After each show, you will access an email link which will take you to an online survey where you will numerically score the actors, actresses, technical aspects (lights, sound, costumes, etc.), and the overall production.  There is also a place to write comments, which is often the most insightful part for the cast and crew to hear how the show affected their audience.  Each survey can be completed in just 5-10 minutes from the comfort of your own home, shortly after you see a production. 

To see the shows and dates for the coming season, click Season.

 Interested patrons are asked to send an email to jcctawards@gmail.com by August 13, 2017 so that we can include you in the process.  Please don't wait for another person to volunteer for this position.  It is an important role in which we can all perform!  We need your imput!