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This rainbow, designed by local artist Maureen Pesta, decorated the Royal-off-the-Square Theatre  in the '70s and '80s.



All I Really Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten   Performances:      November 12, 13, 19, 20, 2010
by:   Robert Fulghum   Directed By:     John Hardaway


  Produced By:    Sarah McGill


The play takes a funny, insightful, and heartwarming look at what is profound in everyday life. This stage adaptation of Fulghum’s book is an evening of theatrical storytelling, with humorous vignettes about ordinary things. The many delightful stories feature colorful characters such as: a shy little boy who insists on playing the “pig” in his class production of Cinderella and steals the show; a man whose dream of flying carries him 11,000 feet over Los Angeles . . . in an aluminum lawn chair lifted by 45 helium-filled surplus weather balloons; a “mother of the bride” who brilliantly orchestrates the perfect wedding, until the bowling ball of fate rolls down the aisle; and a modern-day Greek phjilosopher who finds the meaning of life in a piece of broken mirror from World War II. These stories are about all of us, and celebrate our very existaence, from the whimsey of childhood to the wisdom of old age.  

                Despite the title, Kindergarten was written for adults. Fulghum encourages us to regain our child-like approach to the everyday events of our lives, the confidence that we can do anything, and an appreciation of the humor that is all around us.

                In the words of the opening scene, “All I really need to know, I learned in kindergarten, about how to live, what to do, how to be. It’s the sandbox code of ethics… I learned: share, play fair, don’t hit people, don’t take things that don’t belong to you. If you hurt someone, say you’re sorry. Clean up your own mess, and wash your hands before you eat. Hold hands and stick together when you cross the street. Flush. Live a balanced life. Learn some, think some, work, and play, and sing and dance and draw, and take a nap each day.”





Cast members:

Betty Baute
Bill Day
Elyse Ogden-McGill
Hannah McGill
Jamie Toppe
Janet Lewis
Stephanie Lewis
Katie Wilson
Kathleen Baute
Paula Campos
Peggy Tiery
Matthew Frick
Joel McGill
Nikolas Walters