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This rainbow, designed by local artist Maureen Pesta, decorated the Royal-off-the-Square Theatre  in the '70s and '80s.



The Cemetery Club   Performances:      July 15, 16, 22, 23, 2011
by:     Ivan Menchell   Directed By:     Dot Goodwin, assisted by Erin Ortman


  Produced By:    Sarah McGill

The touching comedy involves three Jewish widows who meet once a month for tea to talk about their lives before going to visit their husbands' graves. Ida is sweet-tempered and ready to begin a new life. Lucille is a feisty embodiment of the girl who just wants to have fun, shop, and catch the eyes of admirers. Doris remains fiercely devoted to her late husband and takes her grave-tending responsibilities seriously. Ida is not used to being alone after a long marriage, but doesn’t think she’s ready to get involved with a man – that is until Sam enters the scene. Sam meets the widows while visiting his wife’s grave. A budding romance between Sam and Ida is squashed by Doris and Lucille, who are guilt-stricken when this nearly breaks Ida’s heart. Mildred is a minor character who stirs things up.

The ladies in the play are reminiscent of “The Golden Girls” of the television sitcom. They are each at different stages of their widowhood – some ready to get on with life, some needing a nudge in that direction. The Cemetery Club was made into a movie starring Olympia Dukakis, Diane Ladd, and Ellen Burstyn.





Played By:


Anne Clodfelter


Barb Bruce


Linda Fike


Roger Dailey


Kathy Passerini