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This rainbow, designed by local artist Maureen Pesta, decorated the Royal-off-the-Square Theatre  in the '70s and '80s.



The Ever After   Performances:      January 29, 30, 31, 2016
Based on the book by:    Nathan Hartswick   Directed By:     John and Julie Rohlfing


  Produced By:    Kathy Passereni

Synopsis:  Reality television has come to fairy tale land and some notorious enemies will meet again to try and resolve their past.  Cinderella’s stepsisters want to be welcome at the palace, a surprise meeting between Snow White and her evil step-mother is arranged, the Frog Prince still has issues and Jiminy Cricket promotes his counseling business


This is a performance by the Jackson County Young Artists' Theatre



Character: Played By:
Host (Terry Spaniel) Ethan Ortman
Stepsister #1 Bridget Bingham
Stepsister #2 Destiny Luttrell
Cinderella Maggie Rohlfing
Snow White Hannah Hackman
Wicked Queen Katie Rohlfing
Mirror Clare Hauersperger
Jiminy Cricket Max Maschino
Emmett Mantella Evan Rohlfing
Sam John Conner Ortman
Beth Liza Stuckwisch
Pat Anthony Tice
Little Bo Peep Stephanie Sunderman
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary Addison Bumbleburg
Grumpy Erin Nelson
Big Bad Wolf Tyce Hardwick
Mother Goose Therese Hauersperger
Old Mother Hubbard Lucy Horton
Sleepy Jack Charlton
Security #1 Marco Valdivia
Security #2 Tyler Hagan
Security #3 Drew Banister
Security #4 Aiden Hauresperger
Jack Jonus Sandlin
Jill Lainey Sandlin
Little Miss Muffet Gillian Bumbleburg
Rapunzel Kelsey Hagan
Gingie Flora Valdivia
Pirate Victoria Valdivia
Fairy Sierra Perry
Goldilocks Ava Campbell
Papa Bear Micah Ballard
Mama Bear Maggie Calhoun
Baby Bear Carmen Herzner
TV person 1 Alana Jacobi
TV person 2 Emma Brelage
TV person 3 Lucy Brown
Production Crew:  
Set work

Joe Bradley

Joe McGill

Joe Reynolds