Performances:      April 24, 25, May 1,2  2009
Girls of the Garden Club   Directed By:     Betty  Baute


  Produced By:  Stephen Jones

In Girls of the Garden club, Rhoda Greenleaf lives to garden.  It’s her obsession, to the chagrin of her husband Vincent and daughter Marigold, and her house looks like a jungle.  In fact, she’d love to expand her plant collection to a greenhouse behind her home, but Vincent refuses to raise his property taxes with the addition of such a structure.  “Even the White House has a greenhouse,” Rhoda pointed out to Vincent.  He answers that if she’s ever elected president she’ll have a greenhouse – only he didn’t say president of what!

Thanks to Vincent’s comments, Rhoda’s newest passion is seeking the presidency of the Upper South Ho-Ho-Kus Little Lake Garden Club, and she’ll do everything she can to achieve her dream.  With the help of several fellow garden club members, Rhoda plots to oust the long-time incumbent president, Lillybelle, a general pain in the neck who peppers her speech with French phrases and puts on airs.  Rhoda and the girls start a grassroots effort to get the Garden Club to amend its rules and name the winner of the annual flower show as its new president.

To help her in her quest, Rhoda manages to acquire two bulbs of the very rare Burmese Naga-Naga plant – also known as the Sleeping Virgin.  She is sure she can put her talents to work with this magnificent plant and win the flower show – and the presidency and a new greenhouse – but fate comes up with a couple of twists as the flower-show date arrives.





Played By:

Rhoda Jo Howard
Cora Erin Ortman
Marigold Veronica Peters
Dillson Jay Noelker
Birdie Peggy Tirey
Evie Brenda Turner
Dora Betty McCleery
Dede Tina Freyn
Clara Kim Niehaus
Lillybelle Anne Clodfelter
Vincent Roger Daily
And, the girls of the garden club:
Angelica Hunter Davidson
Emily Sue Bell
Ginger Gwen Brown
Judi Marian Klaes-Lanham
Madge Maria Hauersperer
Susan Shanna Larsen
Trudi Joyce DiBlasi
Vera Amy Engelking
Director's Asst Delaney Davidson
Asst Stage Mgr Jeremy Kinnett

Stage Crew

Darin Richart &

Delaney Davidson