Performances:      Aug 29, 30, Sept 5, 6
Leading Ladies   Directed By:     Michael Callahan

                         by: Ken Ludwig 

  Produced By:  Sarah McGill

An old lady with one foot on the proverbial banana peel is looking for two relatives whom she has not seen since childhood.  However, they have somewhat masculine names, and two actors, upon hearing that she is looking for them before she dies, decide that they will pose as the “nephews” in order to bilk the woman out of her inheritance.  Once they discover their mistake, they decide to go ahead with their plot, but they must now pose as “nieces”.  There is also a legitimate niece, with whom one of the actors falls in love.  However, the attraction on her part is to what she thinks is a woman, as a good friend and confidante….  Well, you get the idea.  It gets extremely complicated and hilarious as things progress.  





Played By:


Katie Gilbert

Leo / Maxine

James McGrath

Jack / Stephanie

John Hiester


Veronica Peters


Peggy Tirey


Roger Dailey


Ryan Hatton
Duncan Chris Schryer