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~~~Romeo and Juliet ~~~





     Sunday, January 15th and Tuesday, January 17th at 7pm
     Brownstown United Methodist Church
     110 N. Poplar Street (Brownstown)
     (Right next to the theatre!)
     April 28th and 29th at 7:30pm
     May 5th and 6th at 7:30
     Royal Off-the-Square Theatre (Brownstown)
     Begin Monday, February 27th

 Synopsis:  Throughout time, there has never been a love story more told, more romantic, and more tragic than that of Juliet and Romeo.  But wait, there’s a twist.  Our production will be set in modern day New Orleans during Mardi Gras!  Join us as we tame the ultimate beast—Shakespeare! 

 Audition Requirements:

·        MONOLOGUE!   Please prepare a Shakespearean monologue.  Suggested MONOLOGUES are posted HERE, and copies will be available at auditions.  (If you choose to present a different monologue, please bring two copies for the directors.)

·         Please bring a recent photo.  This will help us put a name with a face.  Professional headshots are not required—even a photo printed on simple paper is fine!

·         You will be asked to do cold readings from the script.

·         Please be prepared to fill out a conflict form to help us plan rehearsals.



Romeo—youthful male, impulsive rebel, just wants to be loved in return.

Juliet—youthful female, a good girl who wants to please her parents.

Benvolio—youthful male, peacemaker, cousin and friend to Romeo.

Mercutio—youthful male, loves to hear the sound of his own voice, friend of Romeo and kinsman to the prince.  This role will require some crossdressing.

Tybalt—youthful male, loves to stir up trouble, cousin to Juliet.

Lord Capulet—mature male, loving father to Juliet.

Lady Capulet—mature female, self-centered, mother to Juliet.

Nurse—mature female, offers comic relief, Juliet’s confidant.

Friar Laurence—mature male, Romeo’s confidant.

Prince Escalus—mature male, leader of Verona.

Paris—youthful male, every parent’s dream, Juliet’s suitor.

Montague—mature male, father to Romeo.

Lady Montague—mature female, mother to Romeo.

Chorus—several people with a mix of males and females to play a variety of roles including servants, citizens, watchmen, etc.

 *We reserve the right to use gender blind casting.  For example, the prince could easily become a female role. 

 Directors:  Matt Nieman and Katherine Stahl met over twenty years ago when Katherine was a member in Matt’s first youth group.  They never would have guessed that they’d be directing a play together in 2017.  Isn’t life fun?  They both love Shakespeare, and they’re eager to bring Romeo and Juliet to the JCCT stage in this creative, original production.  Matt is the Director of Youth Ministry at Immanuel Lutheran Church, and Katherine is an English teacher at Columbus North High School.  They both serve on the board at JCCT.  Please feel free to contact them with questions!  You may e-mail them at jcct1971@gmail.com