White as Snow, Red as Blood


Directed By:     Dot Goodwin

                         by: V. Glasgow Koste


Produced By:  Betty Baute

"White as Snow, Red as Blood" is the story of Snow White, based on the original Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale.  Snow White is orphaned as a young child, and is raised by her hateful stepmother, the Evil Queen. Obsessed with being the most beautiful in the land, the queen has an additional persona, "Herself", who embodies the queen’s evil personality. Herself persuades the queen to send Snow White to her death in the dark forest, but the child is rescued by seven kindly brothers. The evil queen tries three more times to do away with Snow White by sending peddlers to harm her. The Good Queen,  Snow White’s long-dead mother, comes to Snow White's aid with advice and warnings when danger approaches, until the prince arrives and saves Snow White.





Played By:

Good Queen Mother

Gleeda Lasher

Snow White at 7

Stephanie Lewis

Snow White at 16

Rachel Franke


Anne Clodfelter


Pete Law

Robin the Huntsman

Pete Law

The Prince

Pete Law

Peddler #1

Linda Fike

Peddler #2

Bevin Snyder

Gypsy Peddler

Giles Fike

Voice of the Mirror

Tony Wright


Janet Lewis

Brother Oldun

Brian Lewis

Brother Kindred

Kayla Massie

Brother Fire-Un

William Hughes

Brother Oshun

Matthew Franke

Brother Gooden

Charlotte Brown

Brother Airun

Michelle Napier

Brother Earthun

Bill Day